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Via Crucis sa Barangay

By Majo Francisco

The Way of the Cross, a prayer pilgrimage mostly observed in the season of Lent, is brought along the streets of the three Barangays of the Parish of St Francis of Assisi in Naga City, namely, Barangays San Francisco, Tinago, and Dayangdang.

Adding another layer in the commemoration of Jesus’ passion, and as if to unite themselves with Christ, several male parishioners alternately carry a wooden cross during the procession. This idea came from the parishioners and each barangay furnished its own wooden cross.

The sight of a man carrying a cross is both meaningful and eye-catching to those who join the procession as it helps dispose the participants in this prayerful activity. While meditating on the Stations of the Cross, there is also that firm visual reminder that the faithful are praying and journeying together with Christ, and Him with them.

This Lenten devotion does not only encourage people’s participation, but it also makes their experience very personal as they recall the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus along the very streets they grew up in.

Parishioners of San Francisco Parish in Naga kneel in unison as they meditate on the Stations of the Cross or Via Crucis. Kneeling is an expression to revere the cross being carried on the shoulders of a male volunteer from the barangay of San Francisco during the Way of the Cross along the main streets led by its parish priest, Fr. Wilfred Almoneda. (Photo by Majo Francisco)


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