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Village chief claims: LRay forcibly entered house, threatened him

Solon denies incident

By Paulo DS. Papa

The village chief of Vito, Siruma, Camarines Sur has accused Congressman LRay Villafuerte and his bodyguards of entering his house without permission, forcibly expelled his family outside and uttered threats against him and his brother, a certification issued by the desk officer of the Siruma Municipal Police Station (MPS) dated May 1, 2022 showed.

The certification stated that Russel T. Clemente, 50, punong barangay of Vito, Siruma, personally reported to the Siruma MPS and requested to put on record that on or about 11:45 AM of May 1, 2022, “Congressman Lray Villafuerte and his bodyguards entered his house without seeking permission looking for him and his family was forcibly expelled from the house and when Raul Clemente identify himself as his brother, Congressman Lray Villafuerte, clothsline him and utter word to wit: ‘ISAMA NA NATIN YAN’ and his bodyguards replied ‘OO’ and afterwards Congressman Lray Villafuerte uttered word again to wit ‘PAGLUMABAS SI KAPITAN, TIRAHIN NA NATINA’ and the bodyguards again replied ‘OO.’ Further due to great fear he never get out of the bedroom only until he feels that Congressman Lray Villafuerte and his bodyguards were no longer on his premises.”

Villafuerte, who is running for reelection in the 2nd District of the province, however, denied Clemente’s accusations.

In a statement posted on his facebook page on Monday, May 2, Villafuerte said: “Pinuntahan ko yan si Kapitan Clemente ng Vito para singilin utang nya sa amin na Php 600,000. Mga lokoloko kayo. Maayos akong pinapasok at pinaupo sa bahay ni Raul Clemente, kapatid ni kapitan, si kapitan hinde humarap hindi lumabas, nag tago, ayaw magbayad ng utang.”

In a radio interview on Tuesday, May 3 over KM Kakampi MO hosted by Frank Sotero, Villafuerte repeated his claim that Clemente owed him P600,000, which the latter used to become a barangay captain. He added that when the latter won, he wanted to be the president of the Association of Barangay Captain (ABC). We did not select him that is why he transferred to the other side.

He said he was in Vito because he was invited by his political leaders and supporters there. He explained that his father, the late governor and congressman Luis Villafuerte, donated a parcel of land in Vito. The problem is the barangay captain is telling the residents that they will be evicted. I told them that the Villafuerte gave the land to the people.

After that I told the people of Vito that I wanted to talk to Clemente. When I arrived at his house, I was allowed entry and offered a seat by his brother Raul. So it is a lie that I forced myself inside. First of all, if I used force to enter his house, people there would have seen it. Second, if I did that, the house door should have been destroyed, Villafuerte added.

He further narrated that while inside the house, he was informed that Clemente was not around, although he knew that the latter was hiding inside the room. I did not insist to talk to him, instead, I talked to Raul and told him to tell his brother to pay his debt and not to threaten our people there.

Villafuerte, whose sons Luigi and Migz are running for governor and representative of the Rinconada district, respectively, said he will file perjury cases against the Clemente brothers for lying and claiming that he forcibly entered his house.

He also added that he will also file a case against the policeman who issued the certification.

The certification showed that it was issued by PSSg Francis Alberto.

Villafuerte said that the issuance of the certification was irregular, meaning wrong. The desk officer prepared the certification even without a police blotter. He should have conducted an investigation and validation of the incident first, before he issued the certification.

He said the policeman was already relieved from his post by his superior. He blamed his political enemies for the black propaganda against the Villafuertes.

Meanwhile, a Siruma resident who requested anonymity told Bicol Mail that Clemente, as a barangay captain, supported the Villafuertes and former mayor Sandy Ondis, who is now running for vice mayor under Villafuertes’ Team One CamSur.

He said Clemente is now allied with Siruma Mayor Karen Ramos-Polinga, who is running for reelection under the Anduyog party of Nonoy Andaya and Arnie Fuentebella, the political enemies of the Villafuertes.


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