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Village councilor shot dead in Pamplona town

By Paulo DS. Papa

POLICE authorities in Pamplona, Camarines Sur and the family of Rodel Nacion Dacian, a barangay councilor who was shot dead by unidentified suspects in Barangay Tampadong remain clueless about the motive behind the shooting incident.

Capt. Antonio Per, Jr., Pamplona police chief, told Bicol Mail that at around 9:30 AM on Monday, May 17, Dacian, 40, single, a resident of said barangay, while riding a motorcycle with his mother arrived at their residence in Tampadong from nearby town of Pasacao.

Per said immediately after the victim stopped, three unidentified persons showed up. One of them was armed with a gun of unknown caliber who shot Dacian multiple times at the back.

He said Dacian was rushed to NICC Hospital in Naga City for treatment but the victim died several minutes before 4:00 PM.

The motive behind the shooting remains mystery. Police are still investigating the shooting incident.


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