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Vlogger group helps man return home

By Mavic Conde

A homeless man in Daet, Camarines Norte has reunited with his family through the help of a vlogger group.

Kalingap Rab, a vlogger's group known for charitable activities, posted a video of the man named Christian with the hope that his family in Albay would recognize him after the group gave him food and water.

Or so the group thought until a woman from Caloocan City reached out to them. In an interview with Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS) where this story was featured, the vlogger's group leader Rab Matubang said that the woman introduced herself online as Christian's sister. Then, she sent Christian’s photos while her mother, Endrile, provided distinct marks in Christian’s body confirming his identity.

In the KMJS show, it was found out that Christian has gone astray since last year. According to Endrile during her KMJS interview, they were not able to buy his medicine when the pandemic struck, adding that it was in 2017 when Christian showed mental problems.

Endrile thanked the vlogger's group, while Rab reminded fellow vloggers to pay attention to people who need help including those like Christian.


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