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Water district now accepts online monthly payments

By Paulo DS. Papa

METRO Naga Water District General Manager Florencio Tam-Mongoso Jr. has recently announced that the water district can receive monthly payments thru cashless transaction.

In an interview, Mongoso said that last Thursday, Dec. 7, the MNWD launched with Globe telecommunication company cashless payment of monthly dues thus consumers will have the choice to pay their bills via GCash.

He said thru this kind of transaction, consumers may enjoy a convenient, safe and time saving payment without spending much money for transportation.

Mongoso clarified that payment notices, due dates and receipts can be viewed thru the payment app thus the water district is certain that consumers will not miss a single day for monthly payments.

“GCash will send you a notification reminding your dues so you will not have a reason for missing out your payments,” he said in Bicol.

He ensured that the transaction is safe due to protective features of GCash. He added that consumers may search the MNWD in the search engine by clicking the bills featured in GCash.

Meanwhile, the general manager is expecting a certification from the International Standard Organization (ISO) with regards to the matter to the MNWD before the end of 2023.

He said that the ISO certification can ascertain consumers about the maintenance of good management within the MNWD whoever the manager is.

“Dawa si isay an magtukaw na mga opisyal, kun sertipikado kan ISO, gustong sabihon, may sistema nang pigsusunod sa pagmanehar asin sa pagtaong serbisyo sa publiko, he said.

Mongoso said, ISO implements standard system of management and service which are being followed by many institutions.


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