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“Wati”: A Safe Bet?

In a game of two-coin throw called “Agila-Tao”, “wati”—where one coin shows the “Agila” side and the other the “tao” after a throw—is considered a safer bet with a higher percentage of success compared to the two “agilas” or the two “taos” payoffs. The segurista-bettors customarily wager on this.

Trapo families where one or two members would align with the opposition and the rest would remain with the administration candidates prefer this safer choice of wati.

Many have successfully ventured into this enterprising strategy and personally reaped the benefit of it—both its political and financial rewards. This is a typical game plan by big businesses where their political contributions are shared among opposing sides. This is to ensure friendly administration and for the continued and uninterrupted protection of their interest—considered a political contrivance masterpiece, but the invention of a rogue mind, no doubt.

The perennial Bicolano wati bettors don’t view it that way. They feed more on their egomaniacal obsession of being on top of politics—as assumed political Gurus, always. They are those who apparently claimed to have supported Pres. Duterte vigorously just after he won the presidency in 2016, but had nothing to show to support that claim except their ambiguous words of self-approbation—believe you me I campaigned for him a lot!

Now that Pres. Duterte is slowly but surely stepping to his final egress, their imputed support shifted to VP Leni, the acclaimed arch-enemy of Duterte, but maliciously endorse Marcos, Jr. openly too when his supporters are present—they are the purest among all watis.

However, in this ultimate showdown between VP Leni and Marcos, Jr.—“the taxpayer versus the tax evader”, “the law-abiding citizen versus the convict”—the Machiavellian arrangement of wagering on wati by these Bicolano bettors would be too inane and malapropism at most. There is no such thing as even neutrality or being undecided in this crucial choice even if you are not a Bicolano because the comparison between the two is absolutely crystal clear as in black and white. Only the dummiest, those self-serving and double-dealing erudite with scheming and corrupt intellect would prefer a wati bet at this time.

All Bicolanos should give their unconditional full support to our Kababayan. It is paramount that we take care of ourselves before we even think of others. Remember this proverb: “charity begins at home”—a person’s duty is to first take care of family members before helping others—VP Leni is a family member being a fellow Bicolano. Besides, her character, qualification, and integrity are beyond reproach. Compared to JR whose demeanor and every bit and fiber of him is subject to the conundrum of moral rectitude, VP Leni is way above him. He is just mismatched on all counts.

While known Bicolano politicians who quickly sold their loyalty to Marcos, Jr in exchange for millions of Pesos enriched themselves; the gullible blind and impoverished followers consistently end up with miserable pittance as their dividend—the ironical ineptitude to perceive the truth from fake news due to their ignorance or lack of education thereof is to blame. Many of them though are sadly left with an empty bag after the election. They are the ones that suffer the most, but they are the culprits also of their own making. When will they ever learn a lesson?

Furthermore, lest we forget the names of all the watis—the Bicolano politicians and others especially the blabbermouth from Sorsogon who are all known supporters of Marcos, Jr. Undoubtedly they will be the first to shout to the whole world that they did not abandon their Kababayan in the hour of her need—they were with her, they’ll say when the day VP Leni wins. We will be the cock that crows three times to refute them, as we are the witnesses when they disowned their own kababayan. We will expose them. That is a promise to keep!

It is despicable that in spite of the glaring pieces of evidence and substantive facts and figures that support the undeniable and enormous loot of the late dictator Marcos, his Junior, being the executor of all that is left by his father, continues to frantically fight it out in court to acquire it all, in billions of Dollar.

Dictator Marcos robbed all your money. By voting for his heir apparent—Marcos, Jr as president, you unforgivably legitimize his father’s stolen wealth. It is like you helping, Junior, deposit his father’s stolen money in the bank, not under your name though but exclusively his now, how dumb can you be?

The Marcoses will eventually claim later (if they succeed in fooling the people and JR gets elected) that the same loot deposited in the bank is actually their family’s lawful hard-earned money. No vestige of remorse will we ever hear and see from them thenceforth, but only a raucous noise of the Marcoses’ laughter.

End of the story.

Then, the reconstruction of the defaced and mangled 30-meter bust of dictator Marcos that greeted travelers on their way to Baguio will commence promptly. The most dramatic of course will be Emeldific’s return to the palace not in the prison cell where she belongs after her conviction for violating the anti-corruption law, Alleluia!

So, are you still betting on wati? Heaven forbid!

Bicolanos, start showing your true color, NOW!!


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