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What are they really up to?

What is this? Are they driving at some case of paranormal phenomenon? Are they trying to say that this mayor is a time traveler from the future that she doesn’t have her documents? Are they trying to say that she is some form of immortal, and of course she could not provide documents that date back centuries ago? Maybe, it’s just a simple case of realistic misplacement of documents, due to fire or typhoon. I thought, this is probably some click bait, so I just passed it by. Then, someone told me that she might be a Chinese citizen. Then, it struck me. That would make sense.

Implications seem to be pointing (Let me get that clear, implications seem to be pointing. We’re not making categorical declarations here.) that the reason that she does not have school records, and very late live birth registration could be that she had grown up somewhere else(maybe China, maybe Ukraine, maybeGaza). Maybe she had been born and gone to school somewhere else and maybe, we’re not sure, maybe, she’s not being upfront about it. If we dig further deeper, it is probable that we might face some uncomfortable truths. At least, now, we are farther from the possibility that she is some alien from outer space, a being from another dimension or, an immortal with records from the past or a time traveler from the future. But with the implications that have come up, I’m not sure if I would rather have the unrealistic possibilities. Her implied connections are quite scary. It raises the probability that some people like her could be working inside our government. If it could have happened in Bamban, Tarlac, it could happen in other towns, or in DFA or DND or DepEd. Who knows?

Our minds would quickly shoot up to conspiracy theories. If a government official is actually a Chinese citizen or in connivance with the Chinese, what are they in government for? Are they laying the stages to conquer the Philippines? Do they have other sleeper agents in other parts of the country, just waiting for that big signal to attack? But then, we find out that there’s a somewhat big POGO hub in the same town, you would stop to think, ‘oh maybe that’s why”.

Maybe, the Chinese are not really here for territorial conquest which if I might add is not a thing of the past, because Russia does it. Maybe, it’s for business. That’s good, isn’t it? Well, most of the time, it could be illegal business. Maybe, their people in government are there to protect the business, so that it could keep going to rake in cash, undisturbed by the government because they have people in there. I don’t know if that’s better than finding out that they’re here to destabilize the national government. But that’s still not good for the nation.

According to reports, the mayor registered as a voter just less than two years before the election on which she ran and won. At least, they don’t have political dynasties in their town; and the electorate are willing to give opportunities to new politicians. But, on the other hand, could it have been better if the post had been won by a long-time resident whom the constituents have known for a long time. Apparently, they don’t mind. This raises suspicions that maybe, she has not really been a resident of the town, that maybe, she’s from somewhere else and just relocated there as an adult. That in itself is not really illegal. In fact, many seating government officials have done that very thing. Residents of a barangay in the town attest that she indeed grew up there, with their family living by raising pigs. We don’t know. Maybe, in the past years since having been elected, the mayor has had some accomplishment which will be overshadowed with the current issues.

This current concern sends chills on the encroachment of the Chinese on Philippine society, pouring more cold water over the West Philippine Sea predicament. There have been reports of a growing number of Chinese students in Tugegarao, Cagayan. What have they been doing there? As a newscaster put it, she’s not denying Tugegarao’s status as an educational center, “but why there?”. I get the point. Aside from Manila, there would be many other logical cities in the Philippines, if they really want to learn English. They could even study online. There have been reports of a Chinese ship spotted off Catanduanes. That’s quite close to home. What are they really up to?

Proverbs 4:23: “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”


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