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What Does Water Mean to You?

Water is one of the most essential elements here on Earth. It plays a critical role in the health and survival of all species such as plants, animals, and especially humans. Without it, our daily tasks would be impossible to perform – there would be nothing to drink on a hot day, nothing to clean our bodies with, and everything around us would be lifeless.

Our planet is made up of 71% water. However, it does not mean that this large mass of liquid is potable and safe for us to use. Water remains a scarce resource in several places around the world. According to World Resources Institute (WRI) in 2019, countries such as Qatar, Israel, Lebanon, and Iran are at risk from a water crisis. In the Philippines, nearly 5 million people rely on unsafe and unsustainable water resources. In 2016, the Philippines had a record of more than 139,000 deaths according to the World Health Organization (WHO), because of Diarrhoea – a condition which is caused by dehydration and bacterial infection.

Yet for every problem, there is a solution. Our water crisis is not yet a hopeless case, as there are still many things that we can do to resolve it. In celebration of World Water Day this 22nd of March, let us do our part by joining programs that promote environmental protection and water conservation.

Apart from directing our efforts towards the protection of the Mt. Isarog Natural Park (MINP), the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) also supports the Naga City Local Government Unit’s Forest-in-our-Midst (FOM) – a program that aims to promote reforestation and re-greening of the city. Nagueños are encouraged to join this effort of revitalizing the city’s greenery, by planting in their own space, and eventually create mini urban forests in downtown areas.

Aside from environmental programs, we can also contribute by practicing the intelligent use of water in our homes and educating our children of the importance of such. There are a lot of ways we can do to help and support environmental programs and combat water stressors. And these are only but a few of the hundreds of things we can do.

We might think that water is an endless stream coming out of our faucets, but in reality, it is not. Let us always consider the possibilities and choose to act on our existing water crisis. Join the effort and be part of the solution. Water breathes life after all, what will become of us without it? (YMMSavilla)

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