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Why kidney health is crucial for one’s overall well-being

By Benilda Recebido

SORSOGON CITY --- Kidneys play a crucial role in maintaining chemical balance in the body. If they are not functioning properly, they will work harder to keep up, and chronic kidney disease (CKD) may develop.

This was underscored by nephrologists during the Kapihan sa PIA Sorsogon held at SM City Sorsogon in celebration of World Kidney Day on March 14.

Dr. Lenniel Arroyo-Abit, an internal medicine and adult nephrologist at the Sorsogon Provincial Hospital, emphasized that if kidneys are not properly taken care of, CKD may develop.

According to Arroyo-Abit, CKD death-related cases continue to rise in the Philippines.

Statistics from 2021 show that there were seven million Filipinos diagnosed with CKD, but many cases are underdiagnosed because people are not interested in consulting.

She explained that every hour, one patient is diagnosed with CKD, which is a significant concern.

Arroyo-Abit also discussed the various risk factors that contribute to CKD, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and genetic factors.

Heart disease, gout, frequent drinking of liquor, excessive exposure to pain medications, and developing kidney stones are other risk factors.

She advised operated patients who have been cleared of kidney stones to continue taking care of their kidneys because there is a chance that the disease will recur.

Arroyo-Abit recommended that everyone have at least a once-a-year or every six months test to assess their kidney's condition, but it should still depend on their doctor's advice.

While kidney death-related cases in the Bicol region are not yet established, Arroyo-Abit said that they are planning to organize local statistics to make them more accessible and helpful to the public.

She believes that having such statistics would be beneficial because they could raise awareness and disseminate information to other towns.

Dr. Edgar Fajardo Remonte Jr., a National Kidney and Transplant Institute fellow, said that there is no data yet regarding CKD cases in Sorsogon province.

However, based on observation, the number of patients in Sorsogon who are suffering from CKD is increasing.

Remonte emphasized that not all patients diagnosed with CKD need to undergo dialysis, and prevention is key.

Inigo Destacamento, President of Senior Citizen Sorsogon City, asked about the right food for senior citizens to eat to avoid complicating their health conditions given their old age.

Remonte replied that as we age, we expect a decrease in our kidney function, but that does not mean that all individuals over 60 have CKD.

In general, salty and fatty foods should be avoided, especially for those who have diabetes and hypertension.

If one is diagnosed with CKD or has a risk factor, they should control and prevent eating red meat.

Remonte advised everyone to "know your risk factors," especially if they have hypertension or diabetes.

He also reminded the public that there are local health centers and government hospitals where they can avail themselves of free consultations regarding CKD. (PIA 5/Sorsogon)

EVEN senior citizens need to learn about the importance of kidney. Nephrologists advise them to regularly monitor their blood sugar levels and keep diabetes in check to prevent kidney failure. Elders must limit their salt intake to 1 teaspoon or 5-6 grams per day to keep their kidneys healthy. (Source:


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