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Why we should have reunions

By Dr. Tony Leachon

Passing this on …

When I was a young boy, I noticed that every Friday at about 2pm, my grandfather would leave the house, drive somewhere, and come back after three hours. This happened regularly like clockwork for several years.

My curiosity was aroused so much so that I asked my grandmother, “Grandma, where does Grandpa go every Friday afternoon?”

To which my grandmother replied, “He goes to a place called Country Bake Shop in Ermita. He spends time with his friends drinking coffee and having pastries.”

This type of routine is very common among the elderly. A group of old friends would meet in some cafe, have coffee, and reminisce about the good old days. They would make sure they don’t miss any session.

After all it is only to these guys they are able to say, “Do you remember?” because these guys were there when they lived those moments.

And then the number starts to dwindle. From a group of eight, the number goes down to five, then to three. Until finally, one finds himself alone.

His friends leave him and he must now travel on alone. Even to the friendliest people he meets on the way, he will never be able to say, “Do you remember?” They were not there.

To the elderly, this is one of the most crippling experience. Desolation. The feeling of being left behind by old friends who have been with you and shared with you all those crazy and happy moments. He is devastated by the awareness that the few years he has left will no longer allow him to expand that circle of friends once again.

Desolation. One good reason for the young to prepare themselves psychologically for old age. One good reason for them to treat the elderly with respect and compassion.

“One day, all of us will get separated from each other. We will miss our conversations. Days, months, and years will pass until our contacts become rare.

One day, our children will see our photos and ask, ‘Who are these people?’

And we will smile with invisible tears and say, ‘It was with them that I had the best days of my life.’ “

- credits from a friend in Viber


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