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You are loved

God gave you the gift of life. Life is beautiful. Life is wonderful. Life is great. It is a plethora of many wondrous things. Just look on the ground. The persevering grass. The spectacular flowers. The shiny pebbles.

If you look up, the clouds are the abstract tapestries in the skies. In the horizon, the sun rises and the sun sets. At night, the moon and the stars take their shift to guide the seafarers and fishermen in the seas and oceans.

What are your favorite things? Your childhood best memories? Is it balloons? Is it candies and chocolates? Or ice cream perhaps? Your most watched cartoons? Do you love adventure, comedy, romantic, or dramatic films? How about your favorite music? The singers you look up to? The best is yet to come.

Did you notice that when you are enjoying the time, the moments are fast and fleeting? When we are having a grand vacation- three days seem like three hours? Yes, life can be tricky. When you are joyful, time is short. Time is not enough. You even like to have an extended stay. To prolong the grand vacation. To make more happy bonding moments with family and friends.

Let me write that again, life is tricky. When we experience challenges, life becomes difficult, we then realize it is a primordial part of our lives. Time becomes painstakingly long. The hands of the clock seem like torment. Each turn seems like torture. Suffering becomes all the more heavy and endless. We wish it would soon end. Rather, we pray it would stop.

What problems are you going through right this instance? Is it difficult people? Bullies perhaps? They are part of life. The spice of the world. Maybe, the best thing to do is to mind your own business. If you are a child tell your mother, your father, your teacher, or any elder. Asking for help does not make you weak, it only reflects maturity. The best way to solve a problem with bullies is to take shelter for they are like a storm. You do not stand in front of a storm and face it head on. The forceful wind will topple down even a sturdy tree. It is wise to avoid them, then you can make it through the storm- its wind and rainfall and floods and even landslides.

Even physical retaliation is frowned upon. Let the cops do that for you. Take martial arts lessons only for self-defense. The discipline it instills, makes one all the more wise and seasoned. In the art of war, the best war is no war. War is senseless. It is a waste of time. No one wins. It only stops.

In other problems, let Him handle them. He will provide. God is Our Father. He is enough. His grace is enough for everyone. Your mission on earth only stops when He commands our spirit to join Him.

Each and every single one of us is headed to that finish line. Thus, do not quit. Stay. Rest and do the things that reinvigorates you and stay on course. Do not focus on negativity. Especially on negative people. They are fighting battles of their own. Reach out to your support group. Stay close to the people who truly love you. They are the diamonds of your life, the rest are stones.

Your father and mother love you. Your brothers and sisters love you. Your friends love you. But most of all, God loves you.

Whatever you are going through in your life right now will soon pass. Sadly, when you are happy the next day may just be ordinary. In the same context, when you are down and out, there is nowhere else to go but up. Life is like the seasons of Nature. Indeed, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn are the best metaphors for human emotional/spiritual metamorphosis. Nothing is permanent in this world, the only constant thing is change.

Having said that, the cross is our only hope. It is the symbol of our salvation. Our God died on that cross. Jesus is our salvation. He taught us the mysteries of life. He never said that it would be easy. But He always reminds us, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

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