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Young entrepreneur opens ‘Café on Wheels’

By Zyra Ponce

WITH the love and passion for biking and drinking coffee, the aroma of success has arrived for a 20-year old entrepreneur as he introduced a pop-up Cafѐ on Wheels among Naguenos and inspired netizens in promoting coffee shops in Naga City.

Don Sammuel Reula, a resident of San Miguel, Magarao, Camarines Sur, named his 3-wheels coffee shop “Cafѐ-dal” which means “ka-pedal” or “ka-padyak”, which targets as primary customers cyclists and motorists passing through the busy Magsaysay Avenue near McDonalds.

In an interview with Reula, he said that he first joined a Facebook group page to learn techniques and strategies for a start-up coffee business and as well as interviewed local and national entrepreneurs to learn brewing and preparing coffee mix.

He said that he started his mobile coffee shop on May 28 this year selling iced and brewed coffee drinks on the roadside of Magsaysay Avenue.

CAFE ON WHEELS Don Sammuel Reula (wearing a cap) tends to his Café-Dal mobile coffee shop.

Reula added that he chose to set-up his mobile coffee shop in Naga City because of the large number of potential customers.

His mobile pop-up coffee shop comprises of wooden planks on top of his bike where the coffee filter, grinder, as well as the coffee and its ingredients are placed and on display. The mini-gas burner where he boils the coffee is located in front of the bike.

Reula said he buys his coffee beans from a supplier in Baguio City.

His Café on Wheels offers: iced coffee drinks such as Iced Americano; Iced Latte; Iced Cappucino; and Spanish Lattѐ. He also sells hot brewed coffee made of Sagada Arabica (a best seller), Benguet Arabica and Kalinga Robusta, the prices of which range from P45 to P60.

The young businessman said that he was just expecting to sell three cups of coffee when he first started his mobile café, but he was overjoyed when all his products were sold out. He thanked his coffee loving customers and the netizens for supporting his micro business.

Reula urged people to support small coffee shops such as the Kape Kita, Coffee Mo, Kape Duman and many more, which can be found within and outside the city.

“Try niyo po yung hobby niyo gawin niyong business kasi po dun tayo magiging masaya (sa) kung anong ginagawa natin”, Reula stated as he encouraged the youth to turn their hobbies to a worthwhile things such as starting up a business.

Café-dal is open from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM.


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