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‘Very few favor Cha-Cha, Federalism’

By Jason B. Neola NAGA CITY --- Two out of five Nagueños perceived themselves as “poor”, according to the 2018 First Quarter public opinion poll on poverty and governance conducted by the Ateneo Social Research Center of the Ateneo de Naga University among city residents. The opinion poll, or survey, released early this month, reveals that 38.5% of Nagueños considered themselves “poor”. This self-rated poverty incidence, according to the survey, increased by 5.5 percentage points from last year’s 33% of the same quarter. Median poverty threshold, or the amount of monthly income that an average Nagueño household needs to be considered “not poor” is P20,000. Moreover, 62.8% deemed themselves as food secure, which is lower compared to last year’s first quarter result of 64.8%. Respondents claimed they are poor due to low income (55.2%), lack of permanent job (29.2%), and no permanent housing (7.1%). The survey further shows that more than two out of 5 Naguenos (44.3%) reported that their quality of life has improved compared to the past 6 months, while few (18.5%) reported that it worsened. This resulted to a “moderate” net personal gain of +25.8 points. In addition, more than half of Naguenos (55.5%) anticipate that their quality of life in the next 6 months will get better while few (5.5) anticipate that it will get worse. These responses resulted to a “very high” net personal optimism of +50 points. On national issues, meanwhile, majority of the respondents (54.3%) are aware of President Duterte’s plan to amend the 1987 Constitution. But more than half of those aware (55.3) of the plan oppose it, while very few (8.3%) favor revision of the constitution. This resulted to “bad” net agreement of -47%. The survey further reveals that although a large number of respondents (57.5%) are aware of the proposed change from unitary system of government to a federal state, the proposal garnered weak support from the respondents. Among those who are aware, only 20.9% approved while 50.9% disapproved, resulting to weak net agreement of -30%. City flooding, other issues The recurring flooding in Naga City in the last five years has increased according to a great majority (64.8%) of the respondents while very few (7.8%) said that the flooding decreased. Naguenos cited the top three reasons of flooding: shallow or narrow drainage system (37.1%), clogged drainage system (35.9%), and fewer trees (15.8%). The survey also asked Naguenos if they knew of the City Hall’s plan to make CCTV cameras a requirement for issuance of business permits. Three out of five (63.5%) are aware while the remaining 36.5% are not aware of such plan. Among those who are aware, almost all (84.9%) support the plan while only few (4.3%) disagreed. These responses resulted to a “very strong” net agreement rating of -79.6%. Services On services, 67.2% of the residents interviewed said they are satisfied with the services rendered at the City Social Welfare Development Office (CSWDO) while only 10.4% said they are dissatisfied. On the police, 57.50% said they are satisfied with the city’s law enforcers, while only 15.0% said they are not satisfied. At the Naga City Hospital, 59.7% expressed satisfaction for the services being delivered by the city-operated hospital while 14.4% said otherwise. At the Bicol Medical Center, despite media reports of alleged poor services, 47.4% of those interviewed said they are satisfied with the hospital’s services while 26.7% said they are not satisfied. On the services being delivered by Camarines Sur II Electric Cooperative (Casureco II), a surprisingly high 58.7% said they are satisfied while only 14.8% are not. Naguenos were also asked if they buy products through the internet and only about one in five (18.5%) said they do. A great majority (63.5%) bought online through Lazada, followed by Facebook (29.7%), then Shopee (5.4%). Naguenos frequently bought gadgets (31.1%), clothing (28.4%), and shoes (16.2%) online. Survey background The Poverty and Governance Public Opinion Poll used face-to-face interviews of 400 residents randomly selected from legal-age population of all the 27 barangays of Naga City. The error margin is plus or minus 4.9%. The survey was conducted from January 27 to February 16 by the Ateneo Students Researchers Pool, which consisted of 11 student scholars of the university, assisted by 6 work immersion students of ADNU Senior High School, under the guidance of the Ateneo Social Science Research Center, with funding from the University Research Council. The survey adapts the Social Weather Station (SWS) methodology and uses its rating interpretation terminology.

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