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Legazpi prelate raises alarm on suicide cases

LEGAZPI CITY --- The prelate of the Diocese of Legazpi has raised alarm over the surge in cases of depression and suicide among the youth in Albay province amid the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which continues to affect the country.

Bishop Joel Baylon, in his homily during a mass on Sunday, Oct. 4, said young people are among those who are most vulnerable to mental health conditions as a result of the pandemic.

“Regrettably there were about nine youngsters that have died by committing suicide and several others attempted to do so in Albay,” he said.

These suicide cases were recorded since the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak that led to restrictions in movement of people.

Baylon said strict orders to stay at home to prevent the spread of Covid-19 impacted the mental health of many young people, who are prone to depression and anxiety.

He added that because of the community quarantine, there were also youngsters who became exposed to domestic violence and sexual abuse in their homes.

The prelate thus urged parents and the community to watch over the youth for possible signs that they are suffering from mental health conditions.

“Carefully look into your child’s behavior, are there changes in their moods, do they exhibit sadness and sense of helplessness? These are symptoms that need to be treated,” Baylon told the faithful.

Meanwhile, in Camarines Sur, police recorded over 30 suicide cases from January to August, this year. (PNA)

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