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Fishers’ group upset with Leni’s Senate candidates

By Mavic Conde

National fishers’ group Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (PAMALAKAYA) has expressed its disappointment over Vice President Leni Robredo’s senatorial line up.

“Vice President Robredo’s senatorial line up is more of a representation of traditional politicians and their political interests than a representation of the marginalized,” PAMALAKAYA said in a news release.

Likewise, the group lamented about the non-inclusion of Makabayan senatorial candidate Neri Colmenares who, according to the group, has the credibility to be called opposition.

“Whatever happened to uniting all forces of opposition to frustrate Duterte’s hold to power and the return of the Marcoses to Malacañang?,” the group asked.

The group wondered why despite Colmenares’ 2nd ranking in 1Sambayan internal survey, he didn’t make it to the lineup of the presidentiable that the coalition has endorsed.

Hence, this group’s question: “What was the process of selecting the candidates in her slate?”

“Regardless, we commit to pledge our 100 percent voting support to Colmenares, as well as labor leader Bong Labog, the candidates who have been championing the rights of the marginalized,” the group said.

Meanwhile, former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said the Makabayan bloc—composed of progressive party-list groups in the House of Representatives—tried to block opposition coalition 1Sambayan’s nomination of Vice President Leni Robredo as its presidential bet.

According to Trillanes, the bloc wanted 1Sambayan to endorse Manila Mayor Isko Moreno instead.

“Makabayan wants Neri to be included in VP’s slate. But Makabayan has yet to endorse VP. In fact, in 1Sambayan, they did not vote for VP, and were pushing for Isko. They even tried to stop the 1Sambayan endorsement of Leni. Pwede ba, ‘wag ako (Please, you can’t fool me),” Trillanes tweeted on Saturday, Oct. 16.

PAMALAKAYA is one of the progressive groups supportive of the Makabayan bloc.


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