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KBP-CamSur: Caring for strong camaraderie among broadcasters

By Paulo DS. Papa

89.5 Radyo Natin Naga Station Manager Maria Fe Regori Mariscal vowed to further the harmonious relationship and oneness among her fellow broadcast journalists in Naga City and the province of Camarines Sur.

In a brief message after she was elected chairperson of the KBP in the province on November 25, this year, Mariscal said that there are broadcasters who are quite argumentative or grouchy against fellow broadcasters and this is what she wants to be resolved by the help of some members of their organization.

She, however, refused to name the broadcasters who lambasted colleagues even on the air but she assured that she will lead the effort to patch up the misunderstandings by way of a formal dialogue like what her predecessor – Radyo Bikolandia Station Manager Bong Echalose – did as chairman of the broadcasters’ association in the province.

She said, holding a grudge and arguing with broadcasters on-air by fellow broadcasters is not good to the association and to the media personalities themselves as it has a negative impact to their listeners and viewers.

The section 2 of the article 4 of the Broadcast Code of the Philippines, prohibits any radio program which is intended to malign, unfairly criticize or attack any person. Section 3, under the same article of the code also prohibits personal attack against a fellow broadcaster.

As chairman of the KBP– Camarines Sur, Mariscal is mandated to call and preside meetings of officers and members belonging to the local chapter. She has the responsibility also to oversee the activities of the association and functions as its spokesperson.

Bicol Idol FM Station Manager Bong Villacruz, who sits as the new KBP – Camarines Sur Vice Chairman shall assist the chapter chairman in performance her duties and responsibilities, presides meetings and performs duties of the chairman in her absence, and undertake tasks that may be assigned by the chapter chairman.

Ruel Viñas, station manager of Energy FM, was elected chapter secretary who shall keep the minutes of meetings, keeps file copies of all chapter meetings, reports and communications, and maintains record of all rules and regulations of the association.

KBP-CamSur Treasurer Emmanuel Bombase, station manager of the Bombo Radyo Naga, will serve as custodian of the funds of the local chapter. He is tasked to keep the records of all the receipts issued to the association including fund disbursements. He is duty-bound to do monthly reporting of the chapter’s financial status and provide copies of the said report to all chapter members.

Ron Enon, station manager, 97.5 Bangon OK FM, is the current chapter auditor who shall examine the financial records of the chapter and sees to it that they are accurate and the chapter’s financial transactions are in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the chapter.

Echalose, the chapter’s Standards Performance Officer, is mandated to monitor the observance of the member stations to the Philippine Broadcast Code, report possible violation of the members to the code to the chapter chairman and the KBP Standard Authority, conduct investigation and hearings on cases as directed by the KBP Standards Authority or the chapter chairman and keep separate record of complaints, hearing and investigations of possible violations of the code.


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